Thursday, January 25, 2007

Insulating the Cabover Floor

Hey Folks, getting ready to go winter camping with Craig Campbell (INSAYN) here in a few days up at Diamond Lake.

Never done the winter camping before, so I decided it might be best to insulate my very cold cabover floor.

The process involved two 1" sheets of foil sided Johns-Manville foam insulation board and a roll of metallic ducting tape to seal the seams between the sheets.

I probably could have put a whole sheet up there in one piece, but because of the size limitations of my cabover opening, I had to cut it into three separate large pieces to fill the bulk of the floor, then several narrower pieces to fill in along the edge.

I put the smaller pieces closer inwards from the edge of the cabover because of the bed's over lap of the interior wall so that there were as few seams in the more exposed portion of the floor.

I think at a later time, I will come back and add some carpet foam and a layer of carpet over the top of the insulation to help protect it and to add a little extra insulation.

Now, folks have asked me why I went with one inch foam board vs two inch or greater. The answer is pretty straight forward, I'm trying not to lose any more floor to ceiling height than absolutely necessary, my cabover isn't that terribly tall to begin with and at some point, I want to put a newer, thicker mattress up here, so I try to conserve my height loss as much as possible.