Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Pictures from Oregon's Incliment Weather (December 15th, 2008)

Well, I think this is the coldest the camper's ever experienced in my ownership, its definitely far colder than the time when I went camping with INSAYN up at Diamond Lake a few years go.

Here's some pictures from this past Sunday Morning, going through the day and to this morning.

Morning of Sunday, snow's just started....

And then by the evening.....

And by the next morning.....

Made the mistake of leaving that spare bayonet coupler on top of the jack... It's quite frozen there now...

These were taken while I was out and about Christmas Shopping. The Triangle Brand M+S Tires I bought are earning every penny of their worth so far, haven't spun a tire yet in 4 Hi and I've up hill and down hill and on patches of ice where I was watching cars slide sideways while waiting for the light.

This is the road I drive down on my way out to the main highway to work.

Looking back at the hills that lay all around me...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Somewhere to put those darned socks!

Storage space is always a premium in a Truck Camper, even more so when ya live in it 365 days a year! I had hoped to find another of those wonderful BoatGo Cargo nets to add a storage spot for my socks to the back of one of the sliding doors on my cabover bed.

Sadly, the BoatGo nets don't come any smaller than 36", which is far wider than my cabover doors.

So, I asked about suggestions to the forums, and in the end, found what I was looking for on

EZNet Medium Black Storage Net

These nets were originally meant to be mounted on the walls in your home, or on the back of cabinet doors in your kitchen or bathroom.

In the end, I wound up mounting the Storage net to my cabover's ceiling instead of the sliding door. The Medium sized net wound up being a great deal wider the door (Guilty again of failing to follow the Measure Twice, Cut Once rule). But, it still worked out. I moved my socks to a new location and gained more space in my rather limited dinette cabinet for storing other important clothes.