Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Colors Trip Report & Last Backlogged Project Posted

Howdy folks, just a small update Smile.   I’ve posted this years Fall Colors Rally and the last of the back logged projects, but since I like to keep things organized by the date of when it originally happened, they’re actually posted and set to the dates of rally back in October.

So, to keep ya up to speed and simplify things, I decided I’d post a link back report to the story to help ya find ‘em. 

As I finally knock down the last of the incomplete or missing tales on the blog, I’ll post similar entries to this one to help readers catch up on what they’ve missed. Smile


Backlogged Projects

  1. Backlogged Projects: Water Pump Swap

2011 Fall Colors Rally

  1. 2011 Northwest Fall Colors Rally–Heading North to Sauk
  2. 2011 Fall Colors Rally–East to Winthrop!
  3. 2011 Fall Colors Rally–Winthrop, we are here, now where’s the Potluck?!
  4. 2011 Fall Colors Rally–Cider, Germans that aren’t, and Leavenworth
  5. 2011 Fall Colors Rally—Last Stop, Smallwoods Harvest and then DISASTER!