Saturday, September 19, 2015

Of Pirates and Truck Campers

Well, the Amerigo is officially mine and happily rests on the back of my trusty old Dodge truck.  Smile

I sit, preparing to enjoy my victory dinner at the Lacey Rock, Wood Fired Pizza and Spirits, chuckling at the fact that I took possession of my new “ship” on the annual “Talk like Pirate!” day. 

In fact, I’ve found it so funny, that I’ve decided to let my inner nerd out to play, and have chosen a fitting name for my new ship Winking smile

For those that are familiar with Japanese Anime, there’s a series specifically about pirates, goes by the name of “One Piece”….

Ironically, the brand of my new camper is an “A-Mer-I-Go”…..

Those that know the show should be screaming by now, cause they know where this is going……

And the name of the main character’s ship sounds very, very similar……



So, without further adieu, I give you, “THE GOING MERRY!” 



Arrrr!  She be a fine ship, her keel be strong and she sails the asphalt seas as smoothly as a fair maiden’s skin!


…..Ehem…..  Couldn’t help myself. 


After driving her from Spanaway down to Lacey, I can say she rids on the back of the truck like a dream, that beautifully rounded cab-over slices through the wind far like a knife!  

First time I actually managed to maintain 55mph going up a grade on I-5…..  Granted, that might change after she’s had some remodel work done, but so far she rides like a dream. 

At current she’s using a kludged power cord to drive the signals and running lights, but that will hopefully change soon as the next paycheck rolls around so I can invest in some new wire to get her properly wired up. 

We’ve got a long worklist ahead of us, but I can’t wait to get back to camping!