Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Project #9 - Fridge Fans Revisited

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Well, its been about two years since I originally performed my fridge fan installation. Since then the two pairs of fans have done wonders at making my fridge highly efficient at both keeping food cold and cooling down warmer foods put inside.

Sadly, on my way home from my Memorial Day trip with mjgcamper to Odell Lake, the glue finally let go on the inside fans. The dislodged fans were discovered when I went to grab a Pepsi from the fridge after the lengthy washing process one needs after completing a holding tank dump.

I turned the fans off and finished my drive home and the same day called up Terry to make the fix.

Originally, I had planned to make two small brackets that attached to the top of the fridge compartment, but changed my mind when I realized just how close I was to the bottom of the freezer and didn't want to risk damaging any cooling components.

So, the design was modified slightly and the new aluminum brackets were screwed into the outer sides of the fridge compartment, clear of any possible refrigeration components.

Made from two strips of thin aluminum sheet metal, I have no worries about the fans coming loose again.

In relation to this project, but done far earlier in the year, I redesigned my control console for my camper.



The original switches were replaced with far more durable illuminated toggle switches I picked up at Wal-Mart. They provide easily as much "night-lite" illumination for wandering to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

As you can see, the toggle switch for going between battery and converter has been replaced with a illuminated On/Off switch for the newer Converter/Charger.

The very top brown face plate covers the opening where the Triangle Brand Gas Lantern originally was located. It was retired a year back to facilitate easier access to the cabinet next to it.

On the brown face plate directly below the lantern cover plate is as follows:

Top - Bulk Charge Mode On/Off switch for Converter. Switching to "ON" position boosts charging Voltage to 14.x, off reverts the charger to 13.2 Volt Charge mode.

Bottom - Flipped to the down position, when connected, the grey water pump will cycle on whenever the fresh water pump cycles on. Flipped to the up position, the pump, when connected, remains running regardless of if the water pump is on or off. Middle is the off position.

Well, this wraps up my revisiting of the Fridge Fans Project, hope you enjoyed reading!

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