Friday, November 28, 2008

Adding an Awning

Time for another one of my little add-on jobs! This one came courtesy of Craiglist where there was a Russian family parting out an old Alpenlite Truck Camper. I figured, "eh, why not" and went out to check out the camper to see if there was anything I could make use of.

I wound up walking away with a "Carefree from Colorado" rear door awning to the tune of $80.

I carefully removed the unit and kept all the screws and fasteners so I could later reattach it to the rear of the camper.

After several failed attempts, I eventually located studs in the walls (you'll be surprised at how easy it is to mistake an area for having studs behind it when it really doesn't have any!), I managed to attach the awning to the rear of the camper and neatly fill the holes caused by my screw ups.

Love the awning! Keeps the rain off ya when yer going in and out the door, also gives me some place to hang my bug zapper :p

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