Sunday, March 25, 2007

When ya thought you knew the depths of Redneck Engineering.....

A while back, one of my fellow camping enthusiasts, luv2skyski, found an rather interesting little picture of a custom engineered extra long Truck Camper.

I've seen tag axle campers before with Born Free's 14' beauty, but this is kind of going a tad too far.....

As best as I can tell, its the combination of an old Travel Trailer and a Truck Camper. I haven't got the faintest idea what brands were involved in the making of that critter.

And if that wasn't bad enough, work2much, had to add a 1950's Desoto with its own homemade truck camper on its back.

Which then prompted him to post this one.....

In turn brought bigfootford around to wrap it all up with a CaddyHome....

Just when I thought I was taking a monopoly on Redneck Engineering, folks turn me round and straighten me out to some real masters of the art :p.


  1. more more I need more

  2. the one on the ford at top is a franklin truck camper the back half i think you are right it appears to be a trailer part

    like the hermit crab i wish to take my home with me

  3. It's also possible that the rear is a Franklin product, possibly off one of their old Pickup chassis based motorhomes from back in the 60s, what gets me is the siding matches all the way across.

  4. Actually, just found the original camper model that was used: