Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! I remodeled my bathroom!?

Well, once again, Old Man Last Year has stepped down from his throne in the hall of time and let Baby New Year take over the reigns, most likely after recounting to Baby New Year just how messed up the past 365 days were and how he's glad to be off to Florida (once it warms up) to retire and join the other "Long Years" playing shuffle board and drinking daiquiris and watching the oiled up girls in the "very skimpy" swimwear play in the sand.

While the Old Man Last Year and Baby New Year take care of our chronological needs, I find myself holed up in my camper, dealing with what can only be described as the "Worst. Christmas Present. Ever."

Namely, the sinus infection from Hell.

One of the fun kind, if there is such a thing, you should know it well, we've all suffered from something similar at some time in our lives.

The kind where you have to keep a box of tissues handy for every time you bend over to keep from leaving fun and wonderful new "drip" marks on your shirt.

The kind where a bottle of Oxycontin and sweet oblivion sound like a far better option over trying to stay awake through the day.

You know the kind.

It's the kind where you yell at the bottle of antibiotic pills the doctor prescribed you because you're not free from its grip an hour after the first dose and then find a quiet corner and cry because the pain from the inflammation hurts so bad.

Most of us, if we're lucky, haven't suffered from one of these devil infections since we were kids, and only exists in the dark recesses of our memories like the old bogey monsters that used to haunt us from our closets and from under our beds.

How did I come by this Satan Sinus Infection?

Well, on the Tuesday the 21st of December, Dawn and I went to her work's Christmas party over at Kellogg Lanes in Milwaukie, Oregon. Dawn got sick that night, by Christmas Eve, I was coming down with it myself.

Having a fever bad enough that standing up is a challenge definitely imprints itself on your mind.

Throughout Christmas it wasn't terribly bad, it wasn't until Sunday evening that the infection took off and I ended up in bed for two days feeling like someone had used my face for a wrestling mat.

I managed to push myself through two more days of work (Losing half my hours for the week was NOT beneficial in anyway), and now here I am, enjoying new years slightly cracked out on cough syrup and Extra Strength Excedrin staring laser bolts at my antibiotic bottle for not bringing instantaneously relief (Though it appears to have started working, as the symptoms have finally started to lessen a little) and writing in my blog.

Perhaps I'm whining a bit too much, I'm not certain. Christmas was good, I enjoyed making people smile, but my nose feels like sandpaper and I'm going through a box of tissues in 48 hours and right now, I really am wishing I was well and out carousing and smoking big cigars and generally enjoying the holiday.

Speaking of doing nice things, before I left on Friday (Christmas Eve) to spend the holiday with my family (Who are probably cursing my name now for being the plague bearer :p), I spent the morning making up personalized Christmas Cards for everyone in the RV Park, and hanging them in sandwich baggies on everyone's doors with chocolates before heading south.

So, what's the main focus of this post?

I did a little remodeling work on my bathroom today.

First off, I junked my original medicine cabinet as its door had deformed from water exposure in the shower and would no longer shut.

I couldn't find another of the same model of Zenith Medicine cabinet, so I upgraded to this model:

Zenith 16.13"W Recessed Medicine Cabinet

This cabinet is a tiny bit narrower than the original, but its taller, and deeper than the old medicine cabinet and has one distinct advantage, the shelves are adjustable.

I've actually managed to collate all of the different medicine cabinet related items that I used to have tucked into nooks and crannies throughout the camper into the new cabinet with room for a few more left over.

To keep my cabinet from getting soaked like the old one, since they both have the same door construction, I took out my old and in need of replacing shower curtain and installed the new one, then cut the old one down to size to make a mini curtain to go across in front of the medicine cabinet.

Using a cheap curtain rod from Wal-Mart, I threaded the little curtain rod through the eyelets on the shower curtain I'd cut to fit and hung it in place.

It was a fairly tight fit getting the curtain rod to clear both the medicine cabinet door AND the light fixture. In addition, the curtain rod that supports the shower curtain that closes over the bathroom door was also in the same area. It took a couple tries to get it positioned so that everything would work smoothly.

But, now my medicine cabinet should stay nice and dry and the mirror will no longer suffer from hard water build up :).

So, besides feeling like pooh today, at least I did something productive :).

So, have a Happy New Year everyone, tip one back for me, I'm going to go curl up under my blankets.


  1. Happy New Year Matt. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Feel better soon! Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks all, the antibiotics seem to be doing there thing, the swelling in my head is finally gone, though that annoying cough that never wants to go away is still hanging around.

    Given that I've only been on the antibiotics for a day, I've got roughly 9 more before it will likely let go of my body.

  4. Glad your on the mend. I built/welded up a front receiver hitch, thanks for the idea, put sway bar on Tacoma, built dolly for TC to move in garage, Welded/built "U" channel to bring scooter on front of Jet Ski Trailer, installed front Pads on Tacoma on this last week off. Of course I didn't have to deal with the Sinus from Hell either. I would have been lucky to get the bathroom remodeled. Keep up the mods, and take a nap on me, LOL! L8ter, Steve

  5. Happy New Year, Matt. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Steve:

    Sounds like its coming right along, hope to see some pictures of it some time :).


    Thanks for the Happy New Years, I wish I could have spent it having more fun than I did, but at least I got my bathroom done :p.

    Sally & Steve:

    Thanks all for your concern, the antibiotics are doing their job nicely and my head is clearing up well, though it'll still be a bit before the cough lets go of my lungs :p.

  7. I hope you feel better soon Matt, nice job on the bathroom! :)


  8. Well, I'm on the last day of my Antibiotics, and the couch is still there, but only a memory of its former self. It'll likely pester me for several more days before going away entirely, this is pretty standard for me when it comes to chest infections.