Sunday, June 26, 2011

World Beat Festival 2011, Salem, Oregon


Down in Salem for the upcoming 4th of July with family, was invited by our friends, Robert, his wife Emiko, and Jeremy to visit them during the 2011 World Beat Festival where Robert’s wife, Emiko, was working at the Japanese Culture Booth.

P1110111Dawn of course was there, dressed up with in the spirit of the culture festival as your standard issue cat girl Smile with tongue out.

The original plan had been to get a number of us who are Cosplayers, to attend in full costume to help support the Japanese Culture Society booth, but the person heading up this mission fell through on getting enough folks, so that plan was scraped.

We hung around the JCS booth for a while, watching folks buy various Japanese Festival items, get their faces painted, etc… before finally wandering off into the festival to check out the other ethnic “Villages”. 



Looking through the villages….


Eventually, we made our way over to the far end of the festival villages and found ourselves at the open air amphitheater here live music was playing.


Dawn decided to join in Smile with tongue out.



After a good session of dancing, we meandered off to the food booths and got our various lunches.  I migrated my way back to the America’s side and hit up the booth serving Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches Smile with tongue out.


We checked back with Robert and Emiko one more time before we bid them goodbye and went off to fetch the car and make our way to Thompson’s Brewery for the annual "Barley Cup” beer fest.

But, not before Dawn got to pet the angora rabbit Winking smile.


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