Saturday, January 21, 2012

Classic Campers–Franklin Motorhomes

Well, as if you haven’t guessed, I have a thing for classic motorhomes and RVs in general.  So, whenever I can lay my hands on something from that time period to either keep as my own or archive into my blog, I usually tend to.

This time, I’ve got an old brochure copy from one of the early Pickup-chassis based Motorhomes that were around in the late 60s into the early 70s before van chassis took their place. 

One of the early pioneers from that period was Franklin, who was already known for their truck camper line. 



If I was ever to go to a smaller motorhome over my current camper, I’d personally like to lay my hands on an old classic Franklin or Scamper pickup chassis motorhome. 

For one, any engine work on them was no harder than doing work on a regular pickup, one of the things I’ve never liked about vans is the whole “Dog House” in the front and center between the seats and having to remove it every time you wanted to do any work on the engine. 


  1. Would you happen to know anything about a 1972 franklin motorhome? We just got one and we cannot find any information on it. Thanks,

  2. HI Jennifer - did you find any information on the Franklin? I too have one (1961) and can not find any parts or information. Thanks!