Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not your Standard Burger Joint II–Longfellows Inn

Well, since we’re on a roll with Burger Places that don’t fit the normal image, I’ll take you this time to a place with a bit of history to it’s building, The Longfellow's Inn, in Scappoose, Oregon.

Longfellow's Inn
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Originally constructed for Farmers State Bank in 1912, the building in which Longfellows Inn resides has seen many changes.  It was the only structure in the Scappoose business district erected chiefly of cement at the time of the 1915 town fire, and thus is one of the only surviving buildings.
Over the years, it has served as a meeting place for the Scappoose City Council and the Masons, as well as housed the First National Bank, a meat market, and doctor and dentist offices.

Nowadays, she’s pretty close to being your run of the mill tavern, with a fairly basic menu (roughly one page long).  What makes it a bit out of the ordinary is how your food is cooked.


Set right in the center of the main dining space is a big grill, on which the host or hostess cooks your meal or if you choose to you, could can cook it yourself to however well you’d like it done. 

A simple variety of seasonings are available at the grill to add a little extra flavor to your burger, including a couple of Webber’s grillmates mixes (I have no clue which ones, exactly), garlic powder, and of course salt and ground black pepper. 

The meat is rather high quality and not too fatty or lean and grills up well.  I ended up having them bring me double patties as I was rather hungry that evening.

The prices are also not too bad, you’ll leave full and without feeling like you were taken for a ride. 

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