Sunday, July 3, 2016

Rebuilding “Ms. Merry”, the Amerigo–Merry get’s a step up!

Now, that Ms. Merry’s front wall was all done, the gang and I wasted no time in getting straight to building some side frames for Ms. Merry’s tub so that we could install insulation along her tub sides, which were little more than 5/8” pieces of plywood standing on end, not very warm in the winter!


These new tub walls, not only will help keep Ms. Merry warmer during the winter, but they also give us a nice strong spot to tie in the wall that will help hold her new 42 gallon fresh water tank Smile

Ooops…. need to make a little notch so that we can fill the tank!

Trying old Ms. Merry’s old tank step top Smile.

There we go!  Ms. Merry’s new fresh water tank has been plumbed for the pump, and given a pressure test to make sure none of the fittings leak before we close it up in her front step. 

The plywood on the top on the left is the new bottom for the kitchen cabinet that goes over the top of the tank.  We’ve stuck a piece of pipe in the elbow for now to keep saw dust and other stuff out of Ms. Merry’s new fresh water tank until we’re done plumbing in the fill pipe. 

One more wall still needs to be built for the tank step, this one will be lightweight, creating a storage compartment in front of Ms. Merry’s fresh water tank inside the step where we can store all of Ms. Merry’s spare water hoses and cords and what not that Mr. Kit is giving her.  

Even got the rest of the cabinet bottom in on the driver’s side wing, lots of glue and screws to make it good and strong Smile

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