Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Securing my books to the cabover shelf (Boatgo Storage Nets)

Ever since I moved into the camper full-time, I had begun to collect an ever growing pile of books and DVDs. This was great, in that I was going through books at a pretty decent clip, the only problem came when I tried to raise the camper up onto the truck to take her to dump the holding tank, or to go on a trip.

The books and stuff would stay on the shelf for about as long as it took me to make my first turn, at which point they would shoot off the shelf and all over the bed.

I looked around locally for a solution, and once again turned to the many forums I belong to.

The solution to my nightmare was presented in the form of a elastic corded cargo net meant for the holding of items to the bulkhead walls of a boat by fellow forum meber, Lancealot12001.

From Lancealot12001
I purchased the Boatgo Storage Nets from Cabela's. They are item number FG-01-5250 and come in 42" or 52" length. I used a 42" net over each cabover window. The width stretches from 10" to 18" to accommodate bulky items.

Link to thread with pics

Installation was easy, about 10 minutes with a phillips screwdriver to secure the plastic hooks that the loops on the cargo net secures to.

I can now fill my bookshelf to the ceiling all the way across to even hold my small collection of DVDs and no longer have to worry about books launching themselves off the shelves.

Now, to figure out what to do with my TV remote....

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