Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Converter Upgrade

Well, I've upgraded once already, from a non-battery charging capable converter to a Todd Electronics 30 Amp Converter/Charger. Its been working without problem, but it doesn't really have any kind of smart charging system to monitor the charge state the batteries are in, rather it simply puts out a constant 13.6 volts, unless you flip the bulk switch, then it charges them at 14.4 volts instead, not exactly healthy for ones batteries to be at that voltage for long periods of time.

I finally decided that the Todd Converter had to go when I discovered the output voltage would go up when used on the generator if I ran another appliance at the same time.

Following sage advice I'd received over the years in regards to 3-stage converter/chargers, I decided to shop for my replacement unit at Generally, Randy has the best prices on RV electrical system components and you can't beat the personal service or free shipping.

My range of unit choice was a tad limited by my budget, however, given that I only had roughly a $100 free to put towards this upgrade. My two contenders were the WFCO 9800 Series 35amp Deckmount Converter-Charger - $114.95, and the Progressive Dynamics IntelliPower 45 Amp Deckmount Charger - 159.97.

In the end, two things wound up settling me on the WFCO unit. 1.) Price, 2.) Wattage Used.

My Champion Generator puts out a max of 1200 watts continuously, 1500 watts on a surge with a max amp rate of 10. The Todd Converter I was retiring consumed 400 watts. The WFCO unit consumed 600 watts, the PD unit consumed 725 watts.

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