Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Great Bathroom Remodel - Day 3

Well, I can pretty much say, the bathroom is 90% done. All the paneling is installed, and all the seams are caulked. The only things remaining to be done are install the new towel rods, get a new shower curtain and a rod to hang it from, reinstall the toilet, and clean the bathroom.

For those that have been following my rather fast bathroom remodel project, I would wager that you take note that the project space always looks somewhat clean and organized, with of course the exception of the detritus scattered on the floor of the shower and in the sink.

Let me assure, while the bathroom area is organized, the space directly behind me is most assuredly, not.

One thing if you go back to first thread and look at the original bathroom pictures, is that there was a set of hooks that went along the top of the wall in the bathroom that are no longer there.

I removed those when I took the trim ring out to remove the majority of the old bathroom fiberglass. Rather than put them back in, I decided to change around a few things that I had put off doing because I knew a bathroom remodel was going to be necessary after my 3/4 year fulltiming.

One thing I did was remove the towel racks I had on the door, which were never really towel racks of the sort I had wanted originally, but were as close as I could find at Wal-mart. They were really meant to be for hanging your kitchen gear on and a few hand towels.

Now, they're my new wash cloth hanging racks.

I found the old fashioned towel rods I had wanted from the get-go, not too long ago at Bi-Mart. I hadn't thought to look in the plumbing supply area for them, but sure enough, there they were, I'll be obtaining this afternoon after I've had a few hours of sleep.

One thing I also did was remove the suction cups from the shampoo/conditioner/soap rack I had in the bathroom (since suction cups don't work on textured walls) and use a couple of my finish washers and a couple screws to permanently secure it to the wall. On many occasions in the past, the suction cups would dry out and cease to adhere to the original smooth shower walls. I had more than one slightly annoying mess to clean up with the thing would pop loose and dump its contents on the floor.

All the screws securing the shampoo rack, and the wash cloth racks each have a nice dab of caulk to seal each one from water entry.

I used an entire tube of ProFlex to seal that bathroom's seams up, in addition to an entire tube of Colormetric to seal the over lap seams between the old fiberglass and the new, and a QUART sized tube of Polyurethane construction adhesive to glue everything in place.

You can see below where those hanging racks used to be on the doors via the 8 screw holes left behind.....

You can see my medicine cabinet back in place, as well as the toothbrush holder. I still need to obtain a wall mounted holder for the shower head, the original 70s one broke. The squeegee has a suction cup mount, but since it would no longer work on the walls, I use three small tapered head screws to secure it in place. Now, I can also enjoy the fact that my squeegee will be where I left it when I get to my destination, not stuck behind the toilet...

You can see the trim work is all in place now. The silver metal edges are anodized aluminum angle, which have a thick bead of sealant behind them to keep the corners properly sealed.

Its the same stuff I used on the top lip of the toilet riser.

The big blue thing in the left-most of the pictures above is my stomach and my bibs.

Well, all that's left for Day 4 is clean up, a few finish details, and reinstallation of the toilet. The jury still out on swapping to the low-profile thetford to get the seat back down to more normal height, so the current unit will be going back in.

I do sincerly love my upgraded work on the bathroom. The bathroom feels more roomy (If such a thing is possible with a 2' x 3' space), and I have a good deal of wall surface available for utilization.

What I'd love to do is find a shower head mount that I could secure to the vent pipe in the bathroom with a couple of those rubber edged hose clamps . That would look classy and I could aim the shower head directly out into the bathroom.

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