Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Backlogged Projects: Water Pump Swap

Well, last of the backlogged projects, though truthfully, it’s actually early November as I write this, and this project happened quite some time ago.

Backlogged Project To-Do List:

1.) Charging System needs to be rewired (Again), converter relocated from under the kitchen sink to under the dinette, right next to the batteries (Something I should have done when I rewired the charging system back in 2009, but didn’t). Plus, a new Battery Disconnect needs to be installed, the original 75amp Pollack switch is falling apart.

Also, I need to incorporate my battery voltage meter center that I fashioned into the electrical system so I can actually watch my battery charge.

2.) The two Trojan SCS225 Deep cycles on the camper that I bought for a steal back in 2006 also need replacing, they no longer hold a good charge anymore, odds are one of the batteries is shorted.

3.) New Camper plugs need to be installed, replacing the under-rated RV 7 pin hook up with a 100amp Lift-gate plug for the charging wires and a separate 4-pin round plug for the running lights. Charge wiring coming from the alternator needs to be fully scrapped and replaced with a good 4 gauge run instead of the under-rated 8 gauge system I put in back in 2006.

4.) Front of the Camper’s tub needs to have a bolstering frame built onto it, it has always flexed and moved too much whenever the camper has been lifted for loading and unloading.

5.) The 3 year old Shurflo Extreme Smart Sensor 4.0 water pump needs to be replaced (fortunately, Shurflo replaced this as a “Good Will” warranty exchange, since I bought the pump in ‘09, but it was manufactured in 2007) as it has started leaking water around the body and is pushing pressure back towards the tank.

6.) Replace the broken down intermediate steering linkage on the truck to tighten up the steering for improved handling.

First off, the tale of how I got this pump. 

Back in late 2009, I purchased as Shurflo EXTREME Smart Sensor 4.0 water pump as a replacement for the 37 year old Shurflo that had been faithfully serving my rig. 

My main reason behind replacing the original pump (which I still carry as an emergency backup pump) was it was an old 2 gpm model and it was starting to drip a little around the pump head seal on the pump body, add in that showers were always a bit annoying to take due to the pulsing of the pump, I decided it was time to retire the dependable original for a more modern replacement with a variable speed motor to even out the water flow.

So, I bought my Smart Sensor 4.0 and used it fairly little, and within three years the pump had something fail internally and it started pressurizing the low pressure pickup line from the water tank (There’s an original backflow preventer on the tank line to protect the tank water) and leaking around the pump body.

Add on that as time progressed, I had to gradually turn up the adjustment screw till it maxed out to get the pump to continue to run smoothly when the shower was used, I decided it was time to contact Shurflo about repairing it.

When I contacted Shurflo, I reached Pedro Silva, a very helpful fellow who instructed me to remove the sticker from my Shurflo and send it in and they’d do a warranty replacement (Warranty was 3 years and I was on the outer edge of it based on when I had originally bought the pump) sending out a new Shurflo Revolution 4008 pump. 

So I sent in my sticker and Pedro received it and I discovered that the pump I had bought had been sitting on the shelf at RV Parts Outlet for at least a year, and since I was a genius and lost my receipt, I had no proof-of-purchase with the date when I originally bought it.

Figuring that Shurflo had done as best as they could, I was figuring I’d be stuck having to buy a new pump out of pocket, but Pedro told me he’d pass it up the management chain and see if he couldn’t still get a warranty unit sent out.

Whoever Pedro’s manager was, I can and still would kiss them.   Even with it technically out of warranty, they sent me a new Revolution as a goodwill replacement! 

Man, do I ever love Shurflo!  Its very very rare to see company’s still putting customer service and satisfaction first and in this case going well above and beyond the call of duty!

Pedro and your boss, if I ever meet ya’ll, I’ve got a big wet sloppy kiss saved up for both of you! Smile with tongue out

So, in a few short days, my new Shurflo Revolution arrived Smile


Since I kept the box from my Smart Sensor 4.0, I had it handy to do a side-by-side comparison of the two units.   Size-wise, the Revolution is a far smaller pump, needing a smaller motor and valve body to produce smooth water flow and pressure comparable to the Smart Sensor. 

Add in that the Revolution uses an entirely new style of foot mount, being made entirely of rubber instead of little rubber grommets set into a steel plate like the Smart Sensor 4.0, this change in design drastically cuts down vibration noise passed from the pump through the body of the camper.



Removal of my old pump was fairly straight forward, thought a bit more challenging as I couldn’t remove the front of the step and the fresh water tank like I did when I originally installed it. 

You can see its giant-self sitting by the sink in the picture to the left.  I ended up spilling water on myself more than once during the process of uninstalling the old pump.




And here you can see the new far smaller Revolution 4008 installed next to my fresh water tank. 

You can see just how small this pump is in comparison to the pump that it replaced, yet it’s a vastly superior performing pump, in my opinion, than the Smart Sensor series. 



And now a demonstration on the sound quality, narrated by yours truly, “Big” Matt Smile with tongue out.




So, if you ever find yourself in need of a water pump replacement, I whole-heartedly recommend getting the Shurflo Revolution 4008, it won’t leave you wanting!

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