Friday, December 9, 2011

Project–Adding a Dry Erase board to the Fridge

Well, another little project in the camper, been wanting to add a little dry erase marker board in my camper so I could write down notes for things when the thought hit me, or to keep track of what projects needed doing, or chores Winking smile


So, I went down to the local Bi-Mart and found myself this little dry erase board which is just the right size to fit on the front of my fridge in my camper Smile.


It came ready with a finer tipped dry erase marker (which sadly didn’t work, so I ended up replacing it with a good one), all I needed for the install was a roll of good 3M double-sided foam tape.





Simple project, and very useful, especially when you can have scatterbrained days like me where I feel like I’d forget where my head was if it wasn’t attached! Smile with tongue out

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