Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rebuilding the Amerigo–Small Epiphanies

[image]During my last entry I posted several pictures of my work in demo-ing the cabover bed area.   One thing that had puzzled me during that process was the odd little blocked in corners in the frame. 


At the time I was thinking, “Naw, that can’t be for a cab-over strut, only Lance camper had those….”


Then during my hunt for brochures and other things camping from the 70s and 80s, I came across this old GMC/Amerigo ad from 1974 (Trying to find any old materials about Gardner Industries and KOA’s partnership during the 70s).


Well Damn, that looks like cabover struts!


  1. Interesting window up front. With those cab over struts, the bed can twist differently than the front of the truck, can that affect the cab over structural integrity?

  2. Each one of those is just a shock absorber on a ball mount. They're of no use on my rig, because its an extended cab and I wouldn't even know where to look for an original Amerigo set, I doubt few still exist.