Saturday, April 30, 2011

Northwest Campers, Hoodstock Jamboree, Part 6—Circling Mt. Hood and a last goodbye in Sandy

Morning crept up quietly on us the next day and I surprised myself by actually being the first person up. A quick, hot breakfast was consumed and I began the work of loading back up any gear I’d gotten out the night before.

By the time I had the camper pretty much ready to go, the others had awoken and it was decide that while they took care of their morning needs and readied for departure, I would make a quick drive in to Parkdale and refuel, my tank being low enough that I didn’t want to risk trying to go over over Highway 35 without a mostly full tank.

$77 dollars in fuel later, I reunited with the group at the park and we set off to try and recreate a photo from an old Winnebago brochure that was shot on Mt. Hood many many years ago.

The drive up started with the wonderful and dry weather we’d been enjoying in Odell as we climbed up Highway 35, stopping part way for a traffic light on a section that was down to one lane for repairs.

It quickly turned into light blowing snow and sleet as we climbed higher and higher as we skirted around the base of Mt. Hood.

Near Government Camp, we pulled off at a Sno-Park to shoot the wanted Winnebago photo, but clouds obscured Mt. Hood from this side and the wind blew mercilessly.

Moby was not enthused with his very brief walk outside. We didn’t stay long on the mountain before it was decided to descend down to a lower elevation beneath the snow level to stop for lunch.

We stopped at a small convenience store, somewhere near Marmot or Rhododendron and had lunch, I joined Les and Sophie for some rather delicious salad and cheese before we all hit the road and went our separate ways in Sandy, Oregon.

Moby and I journeyed north again for a short while from the Highway 26 to Wood Village where we got back in Interstate 84 and drove towards home. The weather was with us and were able to unload the camper back into its site and get settled back in before the rainy weather returned once more.

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