Saturday, April 30, 2011

Northwest Campers, Hoodstock Jamboree, Part 3

Well, after a rather lengthy delay, its time to resume posting this trip report Smile.

Saturday was the first day of the Blossom Festival, and after visiting with my fellow campers for a little while, Moby and I set off to take the long way over to the Blossom Festival. The ground at the time was still quite soggy, so rather than slog through, we went around to the road that we’d driven in on.

Sadly, no sidewalks were available, so I had to keep Moby on a very short leash as cars went zipping past every few minutes.

We eventually made our way to the entrance road to the parking area that our group normally would have been in.

Though, I don’t exactly know how, the fields were even worse here than they were where we parked.

One of the shuttle buses had made it to the end of where the cars were parked and promptly sank in.

While I continued to make my way into the festival, a tractor with a couple of tow ropes was making its way out to rescue the floundering bus.

Further along and right next to the access road I might add, was a wonderfully restored classic Ford Pickup truck.

And the folks that owned the Fireball Express! Whom I later confirmed were food vendors at the festival.

Word to the wise, stay away from the Keystone Valley corndog booth, if a dog who likes just about anything human-food wise spits it out, it ain’t good.

Browsing through the various vendors, wishing I had more spending money…

Amongst the many booths, I came across the Yolande Nolten and her Moyo Crafts and More booth. They have a wide selection of different embroidered RV related products, including doggy scarfs for our furry traveling companions, like Moby Smile.

The full story of Moyo Crafts and they’re humble beginnings can be read about here.

I bought two for Moby Smile.


Eventually I ran into the rest of my fellow campers chowing down at the little food booth area in the same build as Moyo Crafts and joined up with them. We made small talk, whilst some of the wives snuck off to buy out the baking group directly to our right.

Moby was quite ready for a rest, he’d been a very good puppy and had received a lot of attention from folks at the Festival, but he was ready to relax. I think he deserved his nap.

But, it wasn’t too long before we broke up and continued on our separate ways. Moby and I returned outside once more to check out a few of the outside vendors that we hadn’t seen yet and visit the Quilt Show going on.

After that, I cleaned out the last of the nasty corndog breading that I had foolishly stuck in a pocket of my jacket and we made our way back to camp, dinner was coming.

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