Saturday, April 30, 2011

Northwest Campers, Hoodstock Jamboree, Part 4—Potluck Time, Hawaiian style?!

By the time Moby and I returned to camp, the stragglers of our group had finally arrived at the fairgrounds.

They all wisely parked somewhere other than on the grass, well except for the lucky folks that were tent camping with us for the night.

Getting pretty crowded down in my little corner of the mud Smile with tongue out.

Bill Faris and his Faris Hilton had finally arrived. I still want his front hubcaps Winking smile.

The “Craft Room” of the rally Smile with tongue out.

A classic Caveman Camper had also joined us, though we don’t know who they were, they were never there when we were out and about.

Soups on! Look at all that food! Makes me drool just thinking back to it.

In case anyone is wondering, this is the Goats and Hogs Barn that’s normally used during the summer county fair for animal shows. We’re setup in the central aisle, huddling close together to try and stay warm.

In years past, Hoodstock was themed…. well, the name kind of gives it away, 60’s Woodstock/Hippie theme (Love and Peace, Bro!). This year, it was decided to mix it up a bit and a Luau Theme was adopted for this year, complete with authentic Hawaiian music.

Naturally, the year a warm weather theme is adopted, it rains, snows and generally is cold and wet Smile with tongue out.

Most of the dishes brought were Hawaiian themed, though, given my strong redneck streak, brought food based more on the current time of year and weather, namely pressure-cooker beef and vegetable stew. Hot, hardy food, not really Hawaiian at all….. I ate a lot of it myself, along with the meat balls and pulled pork.

Our club master, Les in his Winnebago apron Smile. As the eating died down, the group picture taking (and desert) took off Smile.

The Northwest Campers, minus me, I’m hiding behind my camera for this shot.

You can see me in this one, though, just look for the big fella that standing taller than everyone else Smile with tongue out.


After dinner, we all chatted for a while, then some of us gathered for evening gossip over at the “Craft Room” I mentioned earlier. I’m really horrible with folks names, so forgive me if I don’t say whose rigs is who a lot, I just can’t remember all that well.

Eventually, we all said our goodnights and returned to our separate campers. I took Moby with me for his evening walk while I went to the shower building once more, then fixed him a good dinner of beef stew, which he liked better than the wet food that I had bought him.

Then it was off to bed to sleep hard and wake up for biscuits and gravy with my fellow campers in the morning.

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