Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 Fall Colors Rally–Winthrop, we are here, now where’s the Potluck?!

By the time we reached Winthrop, all of our fellow Truck Camper owners had long since motored on to Silverline. 

Since it was still early and last year I never got a chance to really explore Winthrop much, we decided to park over by the Red Barn (which was having a Crab feed that evening!) and take Moby in with us as we meandered around town.



After wandering around a while (Dawn only found one shop that really interested her, the rest were filled with your standard tourist fare at the usual high prices, gotta love those random book stores Smile, if it wasn’t for them, Dawn wouldn’t get much shopping in on these outings sometimes…) we stopped at Sheri’s for some scratch made ice cream.

Moby enjoyed some with us Smile.



After our shopping adventures were completed, we made our way on out to Silverline Resort, just outside of Winthrop.


As far as I can recall, we were the last camper in that evening, but we ended up with, in my opinion, one of the nicer sites.  Full hook-ups, level all gravel parking and a short walk to the bathrooms Smile


Before we left on the rally this year, there had been some concern about firewood for our usual “giant fire” as at the time, it didn’t look like “Alaskashooter” aka George, was going to be able to attend.  Last year he’d hauled a giant trailer of firewood behind him for the rally.

In preparation for this, I’d hauled a box of firewood with me on the trip.  We ended up not needing it.

Not only did George make it, he came prepared with plow to clear the highway to keep that rally going!! Smile with tongue out

It wasn’t too long after we got there that dinner preparations for the big Potluck were under way.   Last year I baked two pies and made gravy.  I ended up going home with two pies and dumping a pot gravy down the toilet in the men’s bathroom. 

So, this year, we came hungry and I brought a single cherry pie.   I still ended up going home with the majority of a Cherry pie, plus Jumbo Jet’s delicious home-made Sweet potato pie!  Thanks Misses Jumbo Jet, the pie was great!


Seating was as crowded as ever at the King’s Buffet Smile, but the food was “Oh so good!” and “Oh so plentiful!”  I ate till I just about popped, Dawn did her best to do likewise. 

We shared our table with the owners of the park, my first time meeting them, Jeff & Kelli from Seattle, and many wonderful others whose names I can’t remember….


After dinner, the games began and prizes were passed around…… Think musical chairs, except no getting out of yer chair.  Dawn got some really good coffee, some torklift hats and some beverage sleeves.  I ended up with an awesome rechargeable LED trouble light (Love that thing!), a box of Aplets & Cotlets from Liberty Farms (just outside of Leavenworth), Scone mix and more hats! 


Harry was crowned Caravan Queen this year Smile with tongue out, heh…



After the games and the food, we all wrapped up the food, put it away and went on down to Silverline’s beautiful new firepit!  Thanks Silverline for putting in the new Firepit, that thing was amazing and located in a spot convenient so that we wouldn’t keep everyone else up at the park while we “festiviated”.


Rick once again was our resident pyromaniac, but even his best efforts couldn’t cast off enough heat to keep us warm, it was just darn chilly and our circle was around the fire was large, this rally has a pretty amazing attendance!

I enjoyed a couple of good cigars that Dawn had brought up from Salem for me, we chatted, “adult” beverages were enjoyed and finally we all drifted off to our campers for the night. 

Dawn and I made use of the bath house, and the evil shower box ate far more quarters than it should have, but the shower was still hot and good.

Sleep soon found us.

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