Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 Fall Colors Rally–East to Winthrop!

Given how slow my rig was last year (and it ended up being even a bit slower going over the double passes of WA SR-20), I decided from the get-go that we weren’t going to even try to keep up with the Caravan.    A small block V8 hasn’t a prayer in attempting to keep up going over mountains against 20 odd Diesel Powered trucks!  

So, we didn’t even try.  We got up when we were fully rested, which ironically was at the time everyone was doing the “Driver’s Meeting”, and had a hearty breakfast, before packing back up the generator and continuing on east.

Since Dawn had never been along this route before, I made stops at some similar places to last year and we enjoyed a nice hike here and there, stopping to enjoy the brisk air, lack of rain, and crystal clear views.



Dawn giving me the stink-eye when I tried to get her to pose for a photo Smile with tongue out

Seriously. Matt?  Another picture?

As we made our way back to the truck and camper, we discovered this little critter enjoying a snack on the stone-wall ledge between the bathroom walls.


Moby decided, he’d check this out…


No small cute, furry plague bearers were harmed… Winking smile, Moby decided he was defeated by the height of the wall, and ‘huffed” a bit before wandering off, showing how “disinterested” he was.



And of course, had to take a picture in the same spot of the camper as I did last year for comparison!  Can’t you just see the joy on Dawn’s face as I roped her into finally posing for a picture Smile with tongue out.  Can you spot the other little difference between the trucks besides the obvious dually wheels, bike rack on the rear and what not?  HINT: Look real close at the bottom corner near the rear wheels.



Soon, we were on the road again, putting our way through the foot hills, heading for the first big climb up to Diablo Lake Overlook.




Up and up we go, the peaks becoming more jagged and snow capped the further we journeyed.



Our last look out and hike, though this one was just Moby and I, Dawn wanted nothing to do with heights and narrow trails carved out of the side of the living rock. 

Last year, when I came through the Washington Pass on SR-20, everything was completely lost in what I affectionately dubbed “Suicide Fog”. 

The view was drastically different this time around….


Parking area at the Outlook is surrounded by jagged, snow capped peaks.



From here we descended down out of the mountains at last, the Redneck Express glad to be back where it can breath easier and go faster than 25-30mph Smile with tongue out.

We were almost there, Winthrop was only a few miles away!

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