Thursday, October 25, 2007

A new feat in Redneck Engineering, Uncle Boogers Bumper Dumper

Yet another feat of Redneck Engineering, for those times when yer deep in the brush with the empty truck and the Camper's back at base camp and the urge just hits ya with the force of a runaway freight train.

The folks over at Uncle Boogers have come up with the ultimate solution, the Bumper Dumper.

Now your tow hitch has a second important and just as useful attachment besides yer stumping winch and your tow hitch for the boat. Now, it can hold your bathroom as well :).

Also gives you the option of using it with bags if you need to pack yer droppings out, or if you plan to just do as a Bear does in the woods, you can work it without, just remember to back the truck up after yer done, so you don't have a rather unpleasant accident by forgetting where to put your foot when yer climbing out of the bed of yer truck.

Yet another final marvel in the world of Redneck Engineering!

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