Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mjgcamper Visits for the Weekend

Howdy folks, time for another little update to my blog. The old Redneck Express and I haven't gotten out much this year, such is the fate of those moving into new locations and getting settled in.

But, the years not over yet, so keep your eyes peeled and you may wind up getting rewarded with a few more camping adventures.

This time around, my buddy mjgcamper, came to visit for the weekend with his Northern Light Truck Camper (Or as he calls it, his Northern Leak ;).

We started our little weekend adventure by my taking mjgcamper out to one of my regular Cigar Haunts, the Greater Trumps Bar, one of the several libation stations that are apart of the historic McMenniman's Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon.

Mjgcamper got his first try at smoking a La Gloria Cubana cigar and enjoying one of their Terminator Stout Chocolate Milkshakes.

The next morning (late) we roused ourselves from slumber, had a nice breakfast then loaded up with plans to scout out a good location to fish on the island. Because of a rather nasty mosquito hatch that had happened during the summer months, I'd had to skip alot of the days I would have normally gone fishing.

Since the bug problem had finally died back, I looked forward to wetting a line again.

On our way out, we stopped over at Reeder's Beach where the local residents were having their annual yard sale. I acquired a nice pair of upholstery shears (My new kitchen scissors :p) and an interesting paperback book that I will take a stab at reading.

Mjgcamper found himself a nice set of stereo speakers for his truck.

After our little shopping interlude we set out to find an ideal fishing spot.

First stop, we revisited the Oak Island wildlife area in the center of the island.

No Dice. Haldeman Pond was fished out, and Sturgeon lake was so shallow it was a muddy marsh all along the shore.

So, off we went to the spot where I had fished Steelman Lake earlier in the year.

Struck out again. Same problem, water had gone down so much that the lake was shallow and full of tall weeds, eager to steal away a fisherman's tackle. On a plus note, I discovered my float was still stuck in the tree where I'd left it, and no less inaccessible than it had been when I first got it stuck several months prior.

Finally, we went down a little dirt road that had been flooded out the last time I had visited and wound up at [b]Big Eddy[/b].

Big Eddy is as it's name describes, a giant eddy in the Gilbert River formed by a sharp 90 degree turn the river makes on its way to emptying into Sturgeon Lake, or emptying Sturgeon Lake into the Multnomah Channel, depending on the tides and the time of the year.

We set up in the shade and settled in. Our bait was nibbled and teased many a time by the catfish, but none took the hook.

However, we did enjoy our time, soaking our lines while the sturgeon jumped all around us, snapping bugs out the air above the water.

After several hours fishing, we finally returned home and had ourselves a nice barbeque on my deck, then sat around the campfire chatting till it became late and we finally turned in.

The next morning (Slightly less late), we roused ourselves and dined on omelets of fresh tomato, chopped up kielbasa sausages from the night before and plenty of Cheese.

Afterwards, we sat back on my screen patio and chatted, we talked about going back out fishing again, but both of us were a bit worn out and Mjgcamper still had the chore of mowing his grass to complete that evening.

So, after a enjoyable weekend visit, we said our goodbyes and Mjgcamper moseyed on back to Beavercreek.


  1. Thank you matt for this write up and the visit. It was fun.

    I'll be looking forward to maybe a camp fishing trip with you sometime soon.


  2. It was my pleasure Mike, though it took me a while to remember where I stowed that red extension cord we used to recharge your camper that night. :p

    Sadly, Big Eddy's closed up for the winter, I believe, so we'll have to find a nice little mountain somewhere.

    I'd like to do a November trip to Diamond Lake, but I suspect the main campgrounds are probably closed around that time.