Saturday, April 30, 2011

Northwest Campers, Hoodstock Jamboree, Part 5—Breakfast, Antique Stores & Toll bridge County Park

The evening was happily dry and the ground continued to firm up, albeit slowly. Moby and I slept well and in the morning, we were greeted with a nearly cloudless view of Mt. Adams (Which I kept thinking was Mt. Hood up till I finally got my directions sorted out).

Those of us that had been told of it, gathered together for a shared breakfast of Sausage, Gravy and Biscuits. Those that drank coffee did and plotting and planning discussions for the Fall rally in September were discussed.

Eventually, the time came for us to leave. I never did encounter the fella I was supposed to pay for the campsite stay, so “Thank You!” to the Hood River Fairgrounds for the visit, I’ll hopefully be back again next year, and with luck, this time I will actually meet the money fella and pay him for my stay Embarrassed smile.

Most of the group went there separate ways, but three of us decided to hang together and visit some antique stores closer in to Hood River. There was a fair bit of discussion on where to go before we ended up settling on visiting the Tollbridge County Park up near Parkdale, Oregon.

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When we arrived, we pretty much had our pick of sites in the park at this time of year. Most of the main full hookup sites were empty, aside from the camp host which was pretty much a resident trailer, denoted by the skirting around the base of the small 5th wheel to help keep the bitter Mt. Hood cold from freezing them out any faster.
The fun began when we went to register. There were exactly two envelopes left, and three of us. So, we improvised. The two motorhome folks used one envelope since they were paying with cash, and I used the other as I was writing a check.
Problem solved.

The park has full bathroom facilities (Without coin boxes, I might add) but the bathroom facilities were in pretty bad shape, the men’s side was near to completely trashed and the women’s side wasn’t far better.

After much fiddling, I managed to get a lukewarm shower out of it and decided that that was my last shower using the park’s facilities.

We managed to throw together a nice campfire that night, though the wind kept stealing most of the heat as it blew through that night, but at least there was a nice group campfire spot between the end sites and it was quiet at night.

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