Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rebuilding “Ms. Merry”, the Amerigo–Dusting of the Tools

*Gets out the broom and dusts Mr. BadAxe’s keyboard off*

My goodness, its been almost a year to the day since I last wrote an update on poor Ms. Merry and all the gang!

Sadly, shortly after I wrote “Ms. Merry Lights up the Night”, I was informed that we would have to break down the workshop needed to do the day to day work on Ms. Merry for the annual investors walk through (Investors don’t like seeing work benches full of tools and stacks of wood, puts them right off!) for the park where I, Dawn, Ms. Merry and all the gang live.  

Given the amount of time it would take to get the workshop set back up and the lack of a definitive date for when the Investors were going to visit, and how badly I was hurting from trying to rebuild Ms. Merry in time for the Glacier National Natcoa Rally, we were forced to the conclusion that it was time to pack it away and take our time after the Investors were done with their visit.

Unfortunately, I never ended up picking the tools back up, as work got busy and I never really got my energy back.   By the time I finally got back to Ms. Merry, it was already going into October and the season for doing structural building was lost. 

So, why so late a start this year?

Same thing that killed me the rest of the year, last year.  


The worst of all the evil four letter words known in the English Language.  Nothing destroys dreams of working on your loving restoration projects than working 50-60 hour weeks and watching the sun set and then rise again from the windows of your work place without having gone home in between Smile with tongue out


I’ve finally been able to resume, thanks to things falling into place at long last, and the time invested into improving things at work so that they don’t need me to spend all night caretaking them anymore (I’d call it Idiot-Proofing, but that would be an insult to my fellow lab denizens, they’re all very hard workers, but they’ve got the Devil’s luck at finding every weakeness in my designs and making them fail in catastrophic and time-consuming ways). 

So, I thank everyone whose patiently waited, Rebuilding Ms. Merry, is back Smile!

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