Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Shopping at Portland’s Saturday Market

Well, Christmas is almost right around the corner, and I’ve luck has been with me as Dawn has come to visit for a couple days, and her Mom made the train ride up with her, so we’re off to Portland’s Saturday Market to do a little wandering, “window shopping”, and spending some family time Smile.


Our day started out with me meeting Dawn & her mother, Joyce, at the Union Station in Portland, then making a short drive over to park behind Kell’s of Portland and then walking over to the Ankey Arcade where the Portland Saturday market is normally held.



We decided to split up and wander around for a while to look at the various tents, most of which have “No Photography” signs up, so I have very little pictures, sadly.


During my wanders while Dawn and Joyce did their shopping, I came across a group of carolers dressed in Dicken’s period fare, singing Christmas Carols marvelously!


I did my best to record of a video of them singing, but sadly, the camera’s battery hadn’t been recharged recently and shut down after only 17 seconds of video.

Dicken's Christmas Carolers


Traditionally, the Portland Saturday Markets, have a stage erected where various local bands, and sometimes more well known national names perform.  Sadly, our visit had a local pair who decided Christmas time was the best time to sing rather morbid, depressing, and rather loud songs that can best be described as “angsty” and not much else, to me, at least, their singing sent me scurrying off somewhere else to save my ear drums.


The Pigeons wandering around the square were a bit more entertaining the two lady singers on the stage…. Smile with tongue out


At last, I caught up with Dawn and Joyce, burdened with their parcels, and ready for a nice lunch over at Kells’ Irish pub of Portland.


Since I overslept that afternoon, I enjoyed the Irish Breakfast from Kells’ (not for the faint of heart!) which was comprised of fried Irish Soda bread, skillet seared tomatoes, Rashers (pork), Pork Sausages, eggs, and bacon.  Either way, it was filling and actually rather good. 

From there we wandered some more, drove around to the local malls so Dawn and Joyce could do more Christmas Shopping (I slipped off to See’s Candy to purchases several pounds of their various creams for various deserving ladies Winking smile), before returning Joyce to the train station to head back south for home. 

Dawn and I continued on to Powell’s City of Books where we did several hundred dollars worth of Christmas Shopping, before retiring to a light dinner and bed. 

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