Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rebuilding the Amerigo – Tale of Two Tanks

You’ve probably already noticed the new fresh water tank in a few pictures from the previous posts, but if you haven’t here’s the new 41 gallon fresh water tank, temporarily sitting in her new home to check tolerances around the tank for plumbing that needs to enter the area. 

With the 2x2 frame that I want to add to the inside wall of the camper’s tub so that there’s insulation in that area, the water pump may actually end up by the water heater instead of on the floor by the tank. 

One thing I have decided is that since this tank has all the fittings on one side, and that she’s a side entry, I’m going to simply delete the gravity drain and do as I have to with my Heartland Fifth wheel, and use the pump to drain the tank when prepping her for long term storage. 

The second tank in this tale is the new waste tank. 

Here she is with all her fittings, waiting for me to finish the floor, and pull the shower so that the old tank can be dropped and the new one fitted into its place. 

That extra valve?  That’s for the diversion setup.   I had originally though about simply replicating how the KIT’s diversion setup worked.  What made me think that might not be the best setup this go round is on the KIT the toilet dumped into the opposite end of the tank from the pipe and the valve. 
On this camper, the tank drains on the correct side, and thus the toilet dumps in directly ahead of the valve, so not the best place to be back filling the tank from. 

My solution?   Add a third blade valve and an inlet on the upper side of the tank opposite the toilet and drain.   When I want to run the grey water into the tank, close the valve down by the hookup and open the one on the side of the tank.  This way the gray water enters the tank opposite the jon, and fills from the top.

I will be replacing the original shower p-trap with a HepVo waterless trap valve as it will be exposed to the weather due to space restrictions underneath the overhang, where as the tank and the pipes will be getting enclosed and a small duct line from the new furnace directed down to heat the tanks during winter operations. 


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