Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rebuilding the Amerigo–Close her up and install the other rear jack

Finally able to close her back up, and start replacing some of the worn exterior components before stopping to give Merry a much needed bath, getting to the stage where I need surfaces clean for new hardware to be installed (like the roof a/c unit). 

That line along the side of the wall is NOT the screw strip, that’s 41 years of dirt and debris that was behind the screw strip that never received any sealant, the strip on the tail fin was the same way, but I had already cleaned it up and resealed it by that point.

Sadly, I forgot to take pictures before I had to move the rig back into my drive way (new incoming neighbors, had to vacate the spare RV space Smile), so forgive the fence in the picture, my driveway isn’t very wide.

Start off with the driver’s side rear jack.  It probably looks familar, that’s because this jack leg is actually going to be in that spot, I just need to replace the plastic head pieces with on it with the ones that came off the KIT, the electirc jacks are going on the Amerigo, but one of them has a failing set of bearigs in the acme screw, so I’m reusing one of the spares that were on the front of the Amerigo to replace the leg and keep the motor and other useable bits from the original that was on the KIT. 
Until I pull the shower stall out of the wall, I can’t finish bolting it in place, so its not completely completed, but its six carriage bolts away from being done.  Smile  Let me tell you, hand driving in eight 5/16”, 5 1/2” long lag bolts with a hand socket, during a thunderstorm (one rolled in on me while I was sealing this corner back up) is all kinds of suck.
I have replacement black vinyl strips to go on all the screw strips, just haven’t started putting any on yet till I pretty much done with fiddling with the strips.  Like to get on a roll with the heat gun and knock it all out at once (Got 200 feet of shiny black cover ready to go). 

In addition to buying new vinyl for the trim strips, you can also see that I’ve replaced the fresh water fill port, the city water connector, the range good vent cover, and the tail light assemblies. 

The tailights was a bit of a trick given Monarch Lights hasn’t been around in a while.   Luckily there’s a company called Grote, which manufactures all of the older parts still, so I was able to find a brand new set of exactly matching tail lights and all new marker/clearance lights.  

Best part?  You can pretty much look any of them up by Grote’s part numbers on amazon and they’re all prime Smile.

Still need to order the license plate assembly though, there, I may favor a newer metal one over the original plastic job which is falling apart.

The shower power connector has new wire waiting inside and is all hooked up, waiting for the new distribution panel to go in and the vent assembly for the new furnace is in place. 

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